Should Japan become a Global Partner with the U.S. Biden Administration—The Corrupt and Degraded Biden Administration and the Danger of Globalism

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Yano Yoshiaki
Senior Researcher, International Research Institute of Controversial Histories

During the U.S.-Japan top meeting held in April this year, the U.S.-Japan relationship as partners was emphasized, particularly the collaboration between Japan’s Self Defense Forces and the United States Armed Forces.

However, in considering what significance the US-Japan alliance bears, we must correctly grasp on what kind of supportive powers the current Democratic Party depends and what the Party intends to do. Upon such consideration, Japan should cope with the situation in a cool manner.

Condemnable corruption and degradation of the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party

On May 31 this year, Mike Davis, a lawyer close to former President Donald Trump, harshly condemned the corrupt and degraded Democratic Party as follows:

  1. The Democrats sent out pro-Democrat justices, prosecutors and lawyers to initiate lawsuits against the former President Trump, weaponizing the power of the judiciary.
  2. The former Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH) Anthony Fauci gave funds to the virus research center in Wuhan, China, had them carry out gain of function research and as consequence, tens of millions of people died from the virus.
  3. The suspicion raised against the former President Trump taking classified papers home was a conspiratory plot involving the FBI and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), intending to trap the former President.
  4. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) covered up the scandal involving President Biden’s son Hunter Biden by denying the authenticity of his PC, which was a vital proof of his wrongdoing.
  5. Clinton Foundation receives illegal money from abroad and Hillary Clinton, former Democratic Presidential candidate, concealed the evidence.

(https://www.article3project.org/ as of July 3, 2024)

The above accusations were made by those close to Trump and may be partially exaggerated or biased, but all of them are basically the same as what has been repeatedly posted on the social networks within the United States by Republicans and Trump supporters. Witnesses confirming the truth and more accusers come along, one after another. There are witnesses and accusers on the Biden side, too. And it looks like the mudslinging on both sides intensifies, as the Presidential election nears. However, this is far above the level of fussing over scandals.

Former President Trump is mired in numerous lawsuits. Regarding the jury’s verdict reached on May 30 at the New York District Court stating that Trump wrongly wrote down the hush money he had paid to the woman who accused him as lawyer fees, it was merely a minor crime, not a felony and the statute of limitations for the case has already expired. However, the New York District Court prosecuted it as a felony committed with a certain intention, extending the statute of limitations, and brought the case to trial. Moreover, the jurors were chosen from among local New York State residents, about 90% of whom are supposed to be essentially Democratic Party supporters. Thus, the trial lacked impartiality and allegedly the Trump side is planning to appeal.

Regarding the issue of Trump’s taking classified documents home, it is within the powers allowed to the consecutive Presidents and the act itself cannot be said to be illegal. It is known that President Biden, while he was Vice-President, took out classified documents without authority and kept them at his private residence for long time.

On the other hand, the corruption and degradation on the part of the Democratic Party and the Biden Administration are seriously grave. The corruption and degradation of Clinton Foundation and Fauci’s support for Wuhan’s gain of function research are also well-known stories. The suspicion that Hunter Biden managed to buy a gun by providing false statement on the federal application form that he was not a drug addict, was backed up by evidence on his own PC.

The trial of the case began on June 4, this year. In the middle of the election time, this case will have far greater impact on the Democratic Presidential candidate than Trump’s issues of hush money and mishandling of classified documents.

Why, then, is it that only Trump’s suspicions are widely reported while the Bidens’ (father and son) scandals are not?

It is true that Republican candidate Trump’s behavior leaves much to be desired, inviting many suspicions and lawsuits. On the other hand, however, the corruption and degradation of the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party are also well-known facts and what the above-mentioned lawyer Mike Davis alleged is fundamentally not false.

As the credibility of the minute details is yet to be examined, the suspicions involving the Bidens are far more serious and damaging to the national interest than Trump’s.

Then, why is it that the President Biden’s scandal is rarely reported among the major Western media, including Japan’s, while they report only Trump’s suspicions?

Every time the Presidential election is held, one prominent figure always emerges—the financial capitalist George Soros of Wall Street. He is known as the biggest donor to the Democratic Party, giving about $100 million to the party, and he has also influenced significantly consecutive Democratic Presidential candidates.

Those Wall Street international financial capitalists like Soros hold not only the financial business but also have under their financial control most of the huge conglomerates producing energy, food, IT, and many others. These huge conglomerates are mostly supporters of globalism and the Democratic Party because such policies, are very profitable, they ensure the free flow of capitals, manpower and information internationally, while getting rid of the national borders.

Particularly, in recent years, rapidly growing major IT companies called GAFA were all founded by Jewish people. Consequently, as the IT industry rapidly grows, international Jewish capitals are monopolizing more and more profits.

Therefore, the reason why the Western news media, including Japan’s, do not report the above-mentioned corruption and degradation of the Democratic Party and the Biden Administration is that more than 90% of the media are under control of the globalism and Jewish capitals in view of the capital power, information sources, advertising sponsors and ideology.

On top of that, over 90% of the professors at famous U.S. universities, especially in social sciences, are supporters of the Democratic Party. Young people taught by these professors become the elite in the society and there are more and more liberals in favor of the Democratic Party ubiquitously in politics, government offices, academic and financial worlds.

In fact, globalists behind the Biden Administration are those powers inheriting the ideology of the same pedigree of Communist ideology (Trotskyism) and aiming to control the masses by the global elite.

They gained huge profits by instigating the revolution, civil war and war in Ukraine and tried to realize the unipolar rule of the world. Victoria Nuland, who formerly served as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and acting Deputy Secretary of State, was the central figure within the State Department to promote the globalist policy. Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan is a neoconservative speaker and known as the number one scholar on Trotskyism in the United States.

Japan should hurry up in building independent national defense system

In the United States, there seems to be no end to corruption, degradation and failures among the elite. Instead of maintaining the partnership with the current globalist administration, Japan should endeavor to strengthen the relationship with the Republican Party and its candidate trying to inherit the spirit of the United States Constitution and reflecting the grass-rooted will of the people. If not, it is impossible to establish the true U.S.-Japan relationship leading to the stabilized global order and prosperity.

Rather, there may be even danger of Japan standing in front of another world war as a globalists’ pawn. In this sense, the unification of Japan’s Self Defense Forces and the United States Armed Forces under the globalist administration can never lead to Japan’ own security or the regional peace and security.

If the Republican candidate Trump, advocating America first should become President, Japan will be urged to quickly move toward the scheme of self-governed national security. In either case, Japan should lose no time to realize its independence as a state, particularly the scheme of independent national defense and security.